Our abilities and competence

Scientific research

  • Taking out analysis of possible spheres of automatic transmissions’ development;
  • Development of methodic of transmission components calculations taking into account specific work of transmissions with planetary gear set;
  • Synthesis of new kinematic schemes with planetary gear set;
  • Writing of scientific articles and works.

Designing of automatic transmissions

  • Providing of intellectual patents searches and protection and support of Patent rights;
  • Making all required calculations;
  • Designing of perspective automatic transmissions for vehicles with front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and full wheel drive with implementation of innovative decisions.

Designing of automatic transmission components

  • Providing of intellectual patents searches and protection and support of Patent rights;
  • Designing of reducing gear trains for hybrid transmissions;
  • Designing of transfer gearboxes;
  • Designing of wheel reduction gears.

Experimental production

  • Incoming inspection control, as well as testing and measurement of final samples;
  • Optimization of technology and processes of components and final product assemblies;
  • Recommendation for possible improvement of design and assembly processes of components and final product;
  • Production of small series and test batches of approved product.

Bench test

  • Creating and development of test programs and different test methodic;
  • Providing of components tests;
  • Creating of reports and recommendations due to the test results.

Tests inside vehicle

  • Installing of final device inside the test car;
  • Providing of full cycle of approved required tests within the test car, including road test at test ground of NAMI;
  • Providing of test reports and recommendations concerning required changes in design of component.

About KATE

KATE today

  • We are a perspective company, acting in field of researching, engineering and manufacturing of automatic transmissions;
  • We are a participant and sponsor of transmission symposiums 2011-2013;
  • We research and study unique modern concepts of AT;
  • We provide wide range of bench tests for all parts, assembly units and final units:
  • We provide multiple obligatory tests of products inside the vehicle;

Structure of a company

Technical department

  • 24 high-qualified engineers;
  • Team consists mostly from graduates of MSTU named after Bauman;
  • In team there are several candidates and Doctors of technical science;
  • Scientific researches and articles in the field of synthesis, calculation and AT design;
  • Co-operation with leading international researchers and manufacturers of components

Commercial department

  • Strong relations with world-known European suppliers;
  • Experience of successful localization of components manufacture in Russia;
  • Successful negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers in Asian region;
  • Development of suppliers’ database and strong analysis of actual activity parameters;
  • Optimization of delivering processes, decreasing of transport costs;

Patent department

  • Provides protection of Intellectual Property Objects in form of patents and licenses;
  • Co-operation with Rospatent and International patent law organizations;
  • Protecting and supporting Patent rights at the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • Received more than 45 patents, including international patents;

Experimental production facility

  • Produces small series and test batches of new products;
  • Developing and carrying out of required tests;
  • Provides recommendations for improvement of product design as well as for assembling and implementing processes;

Production facility

  • Plant is now to be built at Kaliningrad, at the square of 80 000 sq.m.
  • Planned production volumes: up to 30 000 AT per year;
  • Approximate staff: 180 employees;
  • Square of working spaces: 8 064 sq.m – at 2014;
    : 16 128 sq.m. – planned till 2022



Avtomotornaya str. 2, Russia, Moscow, 121357

+7 (495) 225-96-30